Thursday, March 08, 2007

Spring Fever!

Well it is 45 Degrees here, the sun the shinning, and we are walking around without a coat! Nothing feels better than the sun warming your back as you eat your lunch outside, smelling the muddy, brown, dead grass, without the ugly black snow. We are in heaven, and have caught the spring fever!!!! And here are a few reasons why.......

March 19-24:
Spring Break! We won't be partying in California or anything, but will will be partying with Dad and Mom Baillio!

March 29th:
Baby Shower! Maybe we can add to the our "baby shelf". All we have to our name right now is one pack of diapers and baby towel.

April 5-8:
Joseph and Melinda are coming visit our humble abode! We going to hang out in Chicago, and try to see a few shows.

May 4th:
Last day of work for Celeste and of course....Spiderman 3!!!!!!!!!!
(We all know that we are obsessed with Spiderman these days. Venom? Sandman? Green Goblin? Cool black costume? How can you go wrong?)

May 13th:
Ummm. Do I even have to make you guess??
Baby Girl Baillio Due!!!

May 17th-20th:
Mom Barrand, and hopefully Danica coming to see the baby. (Hopefully we will have it by then.)

(Add just a few more things to add to the excitement)

July 13th:
Harry Potter- Order of the Phoenix

And last but not least.....

July 21st:
Final installment of the Harry Potter Series!!! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Well there you go, a few reasons for the spring fever.


Tracy Barrand said...

Oh, that's so great they are throwing you a baby shower so you can add to your shelf! Don't forget to add the Hogan Fam reunion in August and the Barrand Fam reunion in the Co mts. Oh oops I guess that would be summer fever huh?

Mikidees said...

Yeah for this summer! we might actually go to the expensive theater at least twice Harry Potter and Siderman.

Melinda Draschil said...

You forgot to put lots of Stars by Melinda and Joseph coming to visit!! We are so excited....but we are flying into someplace not Chicago....can't remember at the moment.....we will tell you before we come. But we are totally excited :)

Austin Baillio said...

Well that makes me very sad that we can't come visit...especially when everyone else gets to go see you :(

I do believe we will be taking the trip to see Megan graduate. If you guys go that would be cool!

Have fun at Spring Break!

christopher clark said...

I'm going to go to Harry Potter like twelve times.

Celeste - you look great for a pregnant lady. Aren't you pretty close? Way to stay fetching. Brad, you look great as usual.

Brad said...
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