Monday, January 08, 2007

Baby Girl

Between the legs shot- Notice anything missing?

So we found out today that we are having an active baby girl! It was a really fun experience to see her punching and moving. We were hoping for a boy, so now we're adjusting our thinking and getting hyped for all the girl stuff. And first things first: the names! Here is a list of names we are thinking about for our girl.


Vote on what you think!

Side View -she is rubbing her eye on the far side

Front View- Peek-A-Boo! (both hands covering her eyes)

Side View- She has her hand in her mouth, biting her nails? Just like Mom!


Amy said...

YAY!!! I have been waiting to hear what you guys are having!!!! How excited! I love Brooklyn and Avery. Those are my votes. Hee hee. KEEP US UPATED!

Bryce said...

I like parker. Not as much as Brooklyn though. Congrats!!

The Murdocks said...

Love the name Adele. I was just talking with my mom today about the Baillios expanding their grandchild quotient and thinking about you two...wondering what you were I know and I couldn't be more thrilled! Girls are way way easier (not in all ways though--you can't beat peeing standing up). You'll be great parents. Congrats!

aaron182 said...

Will came out sucking his thumb and it is pretty cute. That is really funny that you caught her in the act before she even came out!

Sarah said...

Cebreste (that is your celebrity name, like branjilina) anyway, I love you guys so much. Just wanted to let you know that! Can't wait till little baby girl comes

Joseph Draschil said...

We like "Melinda".

Melinda Draschil said...

Don't name her Melinda. She'll be teased for the rest of her life....

You were in Denver for Christmas??!!? So were we! LAME!!! DOUBLE LAME!

We like Brooklyn. And we miss you.

Marcia said...

Congratulations! I vote for Brooklyn. I know a Brooklyn and she is really smart and cute.

Jennifer LaBatte said...

Congrats from the LaBatte family.
Jennifer votes on Violet. Greetings from Jennifer, Mary, Phil, and Carol LaBatte. We know whatever name you pick for your daughter will reflect her innocence, personality, and beauty!